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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Event in Japan: Dryad's Magic Tree

The new event in Japan is another Training/Multi-Tower event like The Doomsday Tower was. Instead of Night Stones to open the portal, however, it looks like you need to fill a bar with either event items or by winning the Monster Swarm encounters. Once the bar is filled, you can open the portal.

It sounds like you won't be able to just stock up on Night Stones to burn through back-to-back portals.


  1. There's 2 ways to fill the gauge, 1 is by winning against monsters and bosses, and the other is using an event item called "Gift of the Sun", which gives you a large charge in the gauge and refills TP.

    1. Oh, and also, the Item will give you extra 90 seconds if used when the gate is open(which will only open for 5 mins), and you can use many to give it a 660s max time.